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Jesus is RISEN! :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 3 2 Easter - the Victory of Christ :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 4 10 Strong quote for Christians and everyone :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 15 0 Timon in 'trouble' :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 1 6 Hongi of Love - comparison 2015-2017 :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 2 14 Moyo's parents GIVEN :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 3 8 Christian persecution :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 18 32
''Traveller'' - ch1 part 3
                           Chapter 1: the Seven Tribes of Taimaui
                                 part 3: the Ātārangi and Aho
Now that I have told you about the first five mātāwaka of our Ancient Family, it is indeed time I told you about the last two. Both are seen as the most royal, but in quite different ways. How so, you may ask? Well, allow me to tell you, for it is the part that explains a good deal of how our history was shaped.
The Ātārangi-Hapori, the family of Shadow, and the Aho-Hapori, the family of Light, were once so close to each other that they were seen as one Hapori rather than two separate ones. According to the story of our Elders, they were together known as the *'Rōpū o te Kauranga o Taimaui', and were the most royal and highest esteemed of all the mātāwaka! Wh
:icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 1 0
''Traveller'' - ch1 part 2
                        Chapter 1: The Seven Families of Taimaui
                              Part 2: The Pō and the Āngi
If you were thinking of venturing into a cave or crevice for *'taimana' or *'peara', or climbing up some mountain sides for spectacular views, there would be no one else better to learn it from than the Pōwhatu-Hapori, the Stone family. They live in and around the ranges of the south and east, mostly inland. Shortly after our people went our own way in the Seven Mātāwaka, it was this mātāwaka that started off as the smallest branch. I can imagine that many doubted that this branch of the ancient family tree would last. But they did not just last; they became the toughest and most persistent of us all! And like the Wao-Hapori, they too grew into a unique craftsmanship of carving rocks and exploring
:icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 2 0
''Traveller'' - ch1 part 1
                    Traveller: chapter 1 - The Seven families of Taimaui
                              The Ahi, the Kātao and the Wao
The story of our traveller begins even before he was born. It started when our people first came to this great island. How we got there no one remembers, but some believe Taimaui was the *'Te Homai i te Atua' so that we, His *'Tamariki', could have a place to live and learn the ways of living.
Because the island was so large and unknown, the people who were once One decided to split up to discover the land and learn its ways through individual discoveries. The different groups, which are remembered to be seven in total, went their own directions and formed what we call *'mātāwaka'. After some years, these seven mātāwaka began bearing their own names and began thinking of words to describe what they saw. But
:icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 4 0
Isaiah 40:31 - story of the eager eagle :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 10 0 Lil' Present for Beth - 'Wolfs together' :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 3 8 New friends... :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 5 8 Strider in Rohan :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 1 0 Safe with Daddy :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 3 5 Star Wars ARP Team Leader :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 4 5


Complete in Christ :iconemberblue:Emberblue 41 9 Adult Koda :iconlleeckranistll:llEeckranistll 57 16 Happy Easter2017 :iconkahlawolf:KahlaWolf 46 11 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered :iconpapercutillustration:PaperCutIllustration 21 17
Reason for Absence
Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a blessed Easter. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the home God has prepared for myself and my fiancé, but WE KNOW ITS HERE! Without a doubt, baby!
Anyways, so just to recap on what happened:
We went ahead and headed to Colorado Springs to spend time with The Lord and our brothers and sisters at Andrew Wommack Ministries. Amazing people up here, I will say. Everyone is open and friendly, and more importantly there are so many believers here we could turn a corner and bump into someone cx. Lol.
Now, we did have hotels to stay at ... but no one is willing to help out with the cost. Apparently jobs are more important now... so, yes, that means we've been camping out in my car, which is bizarre, I know. We've had people come forward and help us a little bit, which is awesome! We are super thankful for that!
Also, I have good news: I got baptised in the Holy Spirit! Yay! It's really awesome guys, i have never felt more intimate with God before c
:iconchineselung:ChineseLung 2 9
Jesus :iconkalliandra8:Kalliandra8 40 28 He Died so I Could One Day Resurrect :icon1234rosesmith:1234RoseSmith 28 12 Be A Donkey For Jesus :iconmorethansparrows:morethansparrows 20 5 The Lion King: Echelon P.43 :iconsarn-elyren:Sarn-Elyren 101 53 The Lion King: Echelon P. 23 :iconsarn-elyren:Sarn-Elyren 131 98 You Raise Me Up :iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 30 55 Father.Son Time :iconxx-junglebeatz-xx:Xx-JungleBeatz-xX 171 49 Be Still :iconmorethansparrows:morethansparrows 37 12 Predator Timon :iconxx-junglebeatz-xx:Xx-JungleBeatz-xX 119 62 Friesian portrait :iconadniv:Adniv 74 13 Hunter :iconjen-and-kris:jen-and-kris 172 10



Right, so I am off to Storm Camp tomorrow :w00t: I have not been there before, but I feel like it is going to be good! But I am, nonetheless, a bit is all quite a long story, honestly. I won't tell all of that now, but if you guys could pray for me and all those at Storm Camp, that Jesus will really be PRESENT there, I would absolutely appreciate that! :D

I will let you guys know how it went afterwards!
God willing, it will be the very BEST EVER! :love:

God bless you all, Maranatha!
Jesus is RISEN!
When I first read this quote: "He died for you. Will you live for Him?" I felt like Jesus deserves all the glory and praise, and I was sad because we would fall short to what He deserves to be given.
But then later on I came across another quote: "Jesus looks not for perfect people; He looks for people whose hearts are open." And I felt Jesus saying "Indeed, my son. I know you cannot be perfect in this world. All I want is to have a relationship with you. If you open your heart, I will come and be with you, and you will be with Me. Forever!"

And well, now I have made this drawing (made up of two pictures found in this 1-page-comic:… )

I sincerely hope you guys like it!
And may the love of Jesus Christ shine upon you and through you! For we, His disciples, are called to be little Christs or Christians. To live our lives like He showed us to.
Have a blessed Easter and may God's grace be upon you now and forever! :hug:
Easter - the Victory of Christ

It's a bit on the late side, but I can still upload it ;P

THREE days of hard work, but I am most pleased with it! :D
Jesus was worth the time, and during that He has really been talking with me and guiding me how to do colouring and shading - which I always found rather difficult.

This picture is sort of a comic page, because I felt like putting some drawings and text all together to express the story as best as possible.
Upper panels represent the people who saw their Messiah die (represented by Mary), Jesus on the cross and some of the severe bits He went through, and Satan who knew that if Jesus did not do this his kingdom would have lasted.

The middle panels represent the AMAZING surprise that Jesus gave to the whole universe! He has RISEN from the DEAD, showing that He alone has the Power and Authority! :D To the utter shock of the devil, I tend to believe.

The lower panels represent the first time Jesus appeared to all His disciples, saying "Peace be with you all." I pictured Jesus coming a bit out of the panel, as to make it seem He is talking to the person reading this - and what He said He meant for all of us!
And this is where most of the text comes in, finishing off the project that took me the whole Easter weekend.

I hope you guys like it! :D

God bless you all and have an amazing Easter! Share the Good News! :heart: :hug:
Strong quote for Christians and everyone
Happy Easter for y'all! :hug:

Some see Easter as a feast of chocolate eggs laid down by an Easter Bunny. I'm not sure how much sense that makes, but I don't mind the chocolate either ;P lol
Normally I do not do such a long story with a picture, but Easter is really special to me and some others. It is a story worth telling and remembering!

So what is Easter really about?
It is about Jesus Christ and the fulfilment of the reason why He was born unto this Earth.
At the age of 33, Jesus had been teaching His disciples for three years. And in that short time, He had gained thousands of followers, doing many a miracle. But this was all a mere build-up to His greatest miracle yet. So bear with me here.

The evening meal before His arrest was to become known as The Last Supper or the Last Evening Meal with His disciples. Here Jesus taught them what was about to happen. He said
"One of you who is eating with me is going to betray me." Here He referred to Judas Escariot, but His other disciples did not know this.
So they asked Him "is it me, Lord?". And when Judas Escariot said it, Jesus said
"What you're doing to do, do quickly." and Judas left the room and the building, and Satan entered Him.
Then Jesus spoke.
"It is by your love for one another that everyone will recognise you as My disciples." Then He broke the bread, saying
"Take and eat. This is My Body, that will be broken for you." and they ate. Then He gave them one cup of wine, saying
"Drink of this, all of you. For this is My Blood of the Covenant, poured out for many."
Then He gave them one final teaching.
"No one can have greater love than to lay down his life for his friends. I chose you, and I commission you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last. If the World hates you, realize that it hated Me first, and the Father Who sent Me. He who is going to kill me thinks he is serving God. I have told you all of this so that you may not fall away; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn to joy. I am now leaving the World and going back to my Father. But I say unto you; the Father will give you anything you ask Him in My name. So ask and it will be given to you. So your joy will be complete. If you believe and love, it does not matter what those hating you are going to do against you. You will be scattered, they will expel you from the synagogues, you will suffer tribulation. But believe firmly in Me, for I have won the World. And you shall find peace in Me."

After the Last Evening Meal Jesus went to the Mount of Olives with His disciples. This was the 3rd time in that week that He went there.
Jesus knew very well what was about to happen. Even unto this very day, nobody understands fully how sorrowful He was. "My soul is sorrowful to the point of death." He said. And as He prayed, Jesus sweated blood. He prayed
"Father, if it is possible...let this Cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let Thy Will be done, not Mine. Father, if this Cup cannot pass Me by, let Thy Will be done."

The authorities captured Him that same night when it was time - before that they tried many times, but it was not time yet and so God prevented that from happening - and brought Him before Pilate, the Roman governor of Judeah at the time. However, Pilate found no guilt in Jesus, and sent Him to King Herod the tetrarch of Galilee so that he may act upon the Sanhedrin's accusation. But he, too, found Jesus innocent. But he mocked Him and dressed Him like a king, with a robe and sceptre, and put a crown of thorns on His head.
And then Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate without a sentence.
So Pilate has all rights to let Jesus free, but the Jews wanted Him dead. So, as an act of good will from the Romans, each Passover one prisoner is set free. The choice would be to the Jews. They could choose between Jesus or Barrabas. Barrabas was a Zealot, one of the Jewish rebels that stood against the Romans. He had murdered a man and was sure to fight on if set free.
But the Jewish religious leaders (the Pharisees) chose Barrabas, only because they wanted Jesus dead. They shouted
"Crucify Him!" And so Pilate had no choice, to keep the peace. But he washed his hands from Jesus' blood as he put it.

Then Jesus was tortured in the Roman way; a more painful way of torture cannot be found.
The Romans used a whip called a flagrum, which consisted of small pieces of bone and metal attached to a number of leather strands. Unlike the Jewish way, the Roman torturer could continue as long as the men were amused or until the victim lost consciousness. The whipping would rip the skin off the back and cause flesh and tissue to become exposed, leaving severe injuries. After the flogging, the victim was often forced to carry his own crossbar, or patibulum, to the execution site, which could easily weigh 50kg. In the case of Jesus, the record shows that He may have carried His patibulum the distance of over two football fields.
Jesus was very weak and tormented, so at some point He needed someone else to carry the patibulum for Him. Once arrived at the execution site, which was Golgotha. The patibulum was put on the ground and the victim was forced to lie upon it. Spikes about 7 inches long and 3/8 of an inch in diameter were hammered into the wrists. The spikes would hit the area of the median nerve, causing shocks of pain up the arms to the shoulders and neck. Already standing at the crucifixion site would be the 7-foot-tall post, called a stipes. In the centre of the stipes was a crude seat to “support” for the victim. The patibulum was then lifted on to the stipes, and the victim’s body was awkwardly turned on the seat so that the feet could be nailed to the stipes. At this point, there was tremendous strain put on the wrists, arms and shoulders, resulting in a dislocation of the shoulder and elbow joints. The position of the nailed body held the victim’s rib cage in a fixed position, which made it extremely difficult to exhale, and impossible to take a full breath. Having suffered from the scourging, the beatings and the walk with the patibulum, Jesus was described as extremely weak and dehydrated. He was probably losing significant amounts of blood. As time passed, the loss of blood and lack of oxygen would cause severe cramps, spasmodic contractions and in some cases unconsciousness. Besides Jesus were two others, murderers, who were crucified.

Some guards took His robes and threw dices for it. Thus yet another prophesy from hundreds of years prior to this was fulfilled:
"They share My clothing among them. They cast lots for My clothes."
As Jesus hung on the cross, He muttered (not speaking, as it was very hard to do so).
"Father, forgive them. They do not know what they're doing."
Then one of the other two crucified said "Aren't you the Christ, the Messiah? Safe yourself, and safe us too!"
But the other one said "Be quiet! Do you not fear God, even now as you're dying? Our punishment is justified, for we are sinners and we have done wrong. But this Man has done nothing wrong!" then he turned to Jesus.
"Jesus...please remember me, when You enter Your Kingdom?" And Jesus replied
"In truth I tell you will be with me in Paradise."

Then, as Jesus drew near to His death, He shouted
"Eli, Eli! Lama sabachtani", meaning "My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?". Then a great darkness came. And Jesus felt His last moments had come, and said
"Father, into Your Hands I command My is...FINISHED." And with a loud yell it is said He gave His life. Then the sun was blotted out, and a massive earthquake happened which tore the curtain in the Temple.
The Centurion (a man commanding a hundred soldiers) realized and said
"He really was the Son of God."
To see if Jesus really was dead, a guard stabbed Him with his spear. And out of His body came blood and water. Jesus had died.



Jesus had been dead for three days. His disciples had fled and were hiding in the city. They were planning on fleeing the city, but Peter told them to wait. Either it was he who understood best what Jesus meant with "I will break down This Temple and rebuild it in three days.", or it was God telling him to wait.
As the third day approached, some guards stood by the tomb where Jesus was buried. When suddenly the earth shook again and a bright light flashed like lightning and the guards ran for their lives.
The next day Mary and two other women (I forgot who sorry) went to the tomb to complete the burial. But when they arrived, the massive rock (it took 4 to 5 strong men to roll it in front of the tomb) was rolled away. And the tomb they saw was empty. At first they thought Jesus' body had been taken away. But He appeared to Mary who at first did not recognize Him. He said
"Woman, why are you crying?" She said "if you're the gardener, please tell me where you have taken Him and I will go to Him." But when Jesus said Her name, she was filled with wonder and an unexplainable sense of joy.
"Now that you have seen Me, go and tell My disciples."
And she did!
But once she told them, many thought the grief had turned her mad. But Peter and John went to see for themselves and it was so; the rock was rolled away and the tomb was empty. Soon all the disciples believed and were filled with joy, except for Thomas. He wanted to, but just could not believe this. He said
"Until I lay my fingers on His hands and feel the wounds, and until I feel the wound in His side, I WILL NOT BELIEVE!"
But then Jesus appeared to them and said "Peace be with you." Thomas was more than flabbergasted.
"Here Thomas, put your hand on mine and feel the wounds. And put your hand in my side, and doubt no longer, but believe."
And Thomas believed then with all his heart. Jesus said
"You believe because you have seen me. But happy are those who do not see me and still believe! Look at my hands and feet; a ghost does not have flesh and bones. This is what I meant what I said, while I was still with you. Everything written about Me by the prophets was DESTINED to be fulfilled. So it is written that the Christ would suffer and rise on the Third Day from the dead. And that in His Name forgiveness of sin would be preached to all the nations."

Indeed, it is finished, as Jesus said! This does not mean that the work on Earth is done just yet, but I believe that it means this;
The payment of sin, which should have been ours to pay, would have been ours to pay, resulting in eternal punishment. Away from God, slaves to the Demonic Kingdom forever! We could not pay the prize, but Jesus - the innocent Lamb of God - could! And so with His death, this Payment of Sin was finished. The door to Heaven has been reopened to us all, so we may be with the Father in Heaven! All we have to do is accept that we ARE sinners and that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour. Once you do that, you invite Him into your life, and His blood will cleanse you from all Sin! As Jesus said:
"I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."


You may think this as a fairy tale that is not worth remembering. But some believe and live it, and blessed are those people, for they shall be with God. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

May God bless you, and peace be unto you my brothers and sisters in Christ!
Lots of love! :heart:
Timon in 'trouble'
Nah, Timon is not in "serious" trouble here ;P

Just Kaitoa (owned by me) and Beth (owned by :icontomboyforchrist:) who are about to have a pounce on good ol' Timon! :XD:

Timon is not aware of this yet, as he practices his Hula dance again! I wonder what's gonna happen next... :plotting:

Anyhow, have a God blessed day folks! :D
                                   "Traveller" - intro

A long time ago, long before our elders were born, there was the island of Taimaui. Where is it located, you ask? I am afraid I do not know, not even our elders know it. But we know it was somewhere beyond the horizon, in the direction from where the sun sets down.

Legend says it that once the island of Taimaui was large and long, like the broken tail of a *'Whai Repo'. It was so long, it felt like walking from one side of *'Nuku' to the other. It had vast open spaces, beaches with many trees and even beaches with no trees or seas at all; it had ranges and mountains of immeasurable sizes! Small creeks high up the hills would lessen a thirsty mouth, and the powerful rivers at the feet of the mountains would bring the deep *'Puoro o te Kātao' to your ears and heart to still your spirit. And, according to the *'Pūrākau' of the Elders, the music of the water, which can be heard in the many waterfalls and streams of Taimaui, contains notes from the *'Puoro o te Orokohanga' sung by *'Raukatauri'. That is why my people love to live our lives close to water.

But now it is in our oldest stories of history, sinking ever more into the *'moana' and the setting sun gently touches down on Taimaui, like a *'Kowhaea' putting a warm blanket over her *'Taitamaiti'.

I, Rohowa, do not know what life was like on that island apart from stories. For not even the *'koro' of my *'pāpara' has lived there. But yet, the same life blood flows through our veins, and the story happened on the same Nuku. So the story has not been completely lost. It is being told from generation to generation. One day my pāpara will pass away, and I will become the *'Ariki Tapairu', and it will be my turn to tell the story of our elders' elders.
This is the story of the time when our people were travellers. The story of *'Mātua o te  Tarewa'.

*Puoro o te Kātao = Music of the Water
*Pūrākau = ancient legend/story/myth
*Puoro o te Orokohanga = Music of Creation
*Raukatauri = atua of music/god of music
*Whai Repo = sting ray
*moana = ocean/sea
*Kowhaea = mother
*Taitamaiti = child
*pāpara = father/dad
*koro = grandfather/poppa
*Nuku = Earth
*Ariki Tapairu = Chieftain/Chief/Tribal Leader/First born of Royal Blood
*Mātua o te Tarewa = The First Traveller


Truth-lover3712's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
New Zealand
18 years old

Love drawing, Praise music (like Hill-song United), playing sports, hiking, forth.

G'day, name's Warren.
I've been on DA for more than a year, and so far it has really helped me find my style of art and favorite things.
I have finally finished school (in the Netherlands) and am hoping and praying for something new - like moving to New Zealand! :D

I'm a Christian, have been since 5 years old, and will always be. I love Jesus!
If you want to know more about Him, I am always open for a chat.
As a matter of fact, I'm nearly always open for a chat ;)

I do requests and fan-art, and am still pondering about possible comic(s)s. So if you have something you'd like to be drawn, note me and I'll respond a.s.a.p.

I'm single, but not interested in online dating or whatsoever. Unless you happen to live nearby, it's an automatic nay. Just wanted to clear that out.

That's about it for now,

Cheers folks and God bless you!




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